Wedding Gift for Her on your one year anniversary by paper artist Brittani Rose.

Finding that perfect gift for your significant other can sometimes be a difficult task. It is hard to find that one of a kind piece, as we live in a time and age where objects are easily obtained.  You can only gift so many handbags, watches, jewelry and clothing pieces before it starts to become predictable and the sentiment lost.  

Fun fact: Did you know that paper is the theme for your first anniversary?  To be honest, I didn't know there were themes until only a few years ago. 

Custom art will not only WOW them the second they open the box, it will undoubtedly become a piece of art that will forever be cherished.  A constant and happy reminder of a special moment in time that the two of you shared.  

The best part is how simple creating a custom art piece for your special other is.  All you have to do is submit your photos, sit back and relax as I work with my magical scissors.  I take great pride in my work and guarantee to send you a gift that will be nothing less than breathtaking.

Paper Wedding Bouquet by Artist Brittani Rose
personalized wedding gift by paper artist Brittani Rose
Custom Pet Portrait by Artist Brittani Rose
Custom Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift by Artist Brittani Rose
Personalized Anniversary Gifts by Brittani Rose
Unique Anniversary Gifts for Couples by Artist Brittani Rose
Dog Portrait made from paper by artist Brittani Rose
What to get for your wedding anniversary


 Photo by: Heather Kincaid 

Photo by: Heather Kincaid 

I am often asked how I started this career path as a paper artist and it has always been a hard one to answer.  You see, paper art has always been something I enjoyed doing since the age of four.  I can still picture myself on my grandparents living room floor, cutting out my own paper dolls and designing girly outfits for them to play with.  It is one of my most favorite childhood memories and it has made its way forward in my business.  These paper dolls are without doubt the heart of why I do what I do.    

Paper Dolls by Brittani Rose Paper

As I hit my teen years, I got really into paper collage art.  I would go through my mom's old magazines and cut out images that inspired me and letters to create words like "love" and "happiness".  It was somewhat of a vision board now that I look back, only it was covering my closet doors, school books, and the inside of my locker.  I also started playing around with illustration and would create magazine collage art pieces of mermaids (always a favorite of mine).

Mood Board Inspiration Brittani Rose Paper

Now fast forward to my adult years, which was the start of Brittani Rose Paper. The opportunity to create custom portraits was a happy accident, which led me to discovering my true passions as a paper artist.   One afternoon, I was looking around my home and noticed that I didn't have a single photo of our family all together.  Taking a photo wasn't an option so I thought to myself, "why not create one"!  I went to my local craft store and picked up some glue, a few scrapbooking paper packs and got to work.  It wasn't anything spectacular but it was something I was really proud of.  I quickly made a second portrait as a birthday gift for my mom and that's when things started to happen.  I soon had friends asking for one of their own and realized that I could possibly make something of this and opened up an Etsy shop. At the time, we were moving around a lot so the thought of having something to call my own was a dream.  It was by far the best decision I have ever made.  Yes, it was scary but what did I have to lose?  

Vision board by Brittani Rose
How I became a paper artist
I Still have those paper packs I bought all those years ago.  I do not use them anymore but can’t seem to let them go. 
 Photo by: Heather Kincaid

Photo by: Heather Kincaid

I didn't start receiving orders right away which now looking back was a good thing.  It gave me time to figure out how to photograph my work, attractive ways to style it, and to simply learn how to use Etsy.  About a month into it, I received my first sale and it wasn't from a friend or family member!  I still remember that feeling and have kept in touch with her ever since!  I have to be honest and say that I feel a little embarrassed looking back on the portraits I was creating during that first year.  Like I said, they were nothing like they are now.  However, It's a wonderful reminder of how far I have come and of how much my style has evolved.  Once I started gaining new friends on Instagram and was generating a steady flow of income from Etsy I launched my website.  I am so proud of the work I create and owe it al to the four year old me who was creating from deep within without even knowing it.  If there is passion in your heart for something, run with it, love it, nurture it!  You may have no idea what will come out of it but thats the beauty of it all.  

 Photo by: Heather Kincaid

Photo by: Heather Kincaid

I look back at the fifth grade me, winning grand prize for a paper art piece I created for a local newspaper to now having created paper illustrations for Anthropologie.  A brand I have dreamed of working with since I was a teen.  It has definitely been a lot of work, frustration, doubt, and learning as I go.  But if it wasn't for that passion for paper at a young age, none of this would have ever evolved.  What is your thing?  What is the passion that drives you?



Crafting is something that has always been a part of me. Since the age of four, I was especially attracted to crafting with paper. I would sit for hours making paper dolls, cards and pictures from cut paper. It was the one thing that brought me pure happiness, and it still does.  The opportunity to create custom portraits was a happy accident, which led me to discovering my true passions as a paper artist.  

What is this new discovery you ask?  Once again, by a happy accident I found so much joy when working on fashion and beauty styled illustrations.  I will now be taking my focus off of custom portrait orders and start focusing more on brand collaboration.  Using my paper art as a way for them to showcase new and featured items in a unique way.  I will speak more on this soon!  If there are any specifics you would like me to cover please leave a comment below. 

 Photo By: Heather Kincaid

Photo By: Heather Kincaid

As of August 1st, I will not be accepting any more custom portrait orders for 2017.  A few openings will become available again in 2018 but space will be limited.  If you are interested in having a portrait created please follow the steps bellow.    



Turning a life long passion into a career. Brittani shares how it all began on her blog.

I don't know where I'm going from here
but I promise it won't be boring.
- David Bowie
How finding the perfect sandal gave Brittani Rose the final push to pursuing her dreams as a fashion illustrator. Read her story on  her blog.
Turning a life long passion into a career. Brittani shares how it all began on her blog.

I found so much truth in this quote by David Bowie during this season in my life.  I have recently realized that I haven't been creating time to do what I love most because what I am doing now is working. Creating custom portraits happened accidentally.  It was a weekend project that grew into a business very quickly simply form friends and family seeing it on Facebook.  I have finally made the choice to step out of this safety net of portrait making to pursue the one thing that excites me most, the one thing that has always made me happy.  And that is to combine my love for paper and fashion into one and move my career over into fashion illustration. 

Fashion has always been a part of my life, thanks to my incredibly stylish mother.  I remember going through her closet at the age of five, putting on her pretty dresses, clicking around the house in her heels and draping as many pieces of jewelry around my neck as I possibly could.  Some of my favorite memories would be the weekends spent at the Pasadena flea market, digging through piles of vintage jewelry, bags and clothes.  Or when we would lay on the floor in our living room and flip through the newest Spiegel catalog, marking our favorite items.  I can still smell those catalog pages from the 90s. 

Turning a life long passion into a career. Brittani shares how it all began on her blog.

During my teen years, fashion began to transfer over into my art.  Looking back, it was the beginning stages of me evolving into a paper illustrator.  I would sit on my bed listening to Blink-182 (which probably dates me) while going through piles of my mom's old fashion magazines, tearing out, collaging and creating mixed media art with anything that inspired me.  I remember admiring fashion illustrations, dreaming about how cool it would be to have a job illustrating for my favorite magazines and brands.  This dream has never died and has only grown larger of over the years.  I have found great pleasure in recreating items from some of my most favorite brands and am excited to see whats to come. 

Turning a life long passion into a career. Brittani Rose shares how it all began on her blog.

I remember walking into Madewell and seeing these pretty pink sandals for the first time.  They were ME in every way!  So me that it was is if they were specifically created with me in mind.  It was simply love at first site, which naturally left an urge to recreate them in paper form. 

In my opinion, these are the perfect summer sandals to pair with your favorite dress.  And to make things even better they are on sale! 

Turning a life long passion into a career. Brittani Rose shares how it all began on her blog.










Mothers day image blog.jpg

My duties as a mother has been one of the hardest jobs I've ever taken on. The hours are long, the pay is...well, there is no pay, I have supervised restroom breaks, get purposely farted on (perks to having boys), and am obligated to answer way too many hypothetical questions. With that said, my job as a mother couldn't be more rewarding. I wouldn't trade in a minute of those sleepless nights for all the sleep in the world!

I try to remind myself how quickly the past twelve years have gone by. I can often get so caught up in the work that needs to get done and the mess that needs to be picked up that I forget to stop and take in the joys and memories that each day brings. 

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I thought I would put together a little gift box of things any mom would appreciate and enjoy. A gift that allows her to slow down, relax and pamper herself, as we often times put that last on our list of things to do.

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Mama's! 

mothers day paper illustrationq.png
brittaniRose Paper Illustrations

Shop this illustration.



Spring time is by far my favorite season to create in. I find so much inspiration in the colors and textures found all around me during this time of year!

When planning our table design I wanted to keep it airy, playful and feminine. I knew I found the piece to work off of the second I laid eyes on these floral dinner plates. Now that I had my inspirational piece it was time to build and create!

Adding in paper elements to my design was of course a no brainer! These scroll like place settings were so simple to make and pulled the look together beautifully. You can learn how to make some of your own here.

Vintage wine glass

I am so in love with the delicate etched details in these wine glasses. They added the perfect touch of charm and femininity. 

The plates pictured were all purchased at Home-goods. These were the plates I originally had in mind as I am a huge fan of Suite One Studio. You can  find them in store and online!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.12.21 AM.png

These glass pillar candle holders added height to the center, keeping that airy theme as the candles floated on top of the table. Grab one or two while they're on sale!!


One of my favorite pieces purchased for my home. I know you'll love it just as much as I do.


Think outside the box!

You don't always have to stick with traditional pieces when creating your table setting. For example, I wanted to pull in more of that feeling of airiness and found just that in this sheer tufted curtain! You read right, a curtain!! It allowed the brightly colored table cloth to shine threw while keeping the look soft.