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About Brittani Rose Paper


My name is Brittani Rose. I am a self taught paper artist and mother of two boys.

I believe in the beauty of turning our everyday life into works of art. Capturing details perfectly out of paper, resulting in a textural fine art piece that will be cherished for a lifetime.


As a small child, my creativity was nurtured by my Grandmother as she taught me the craft of paper artistry. Then through my teen years I admired my Mother’s creativity that seemed to flow from her effortlessly. Little did I know that these amazing women would be the largest influences on my career today.

Paper has always been my medium of choice. It started with paper dolls and as I explored my creative expression, it bloomed into all things delicate and intricate.

I viewed paper artistry as a creative outlet, choosing hairstyling as my first career. That was until 2013, when I realized that I didn't have a single photo of us all together and crafted a paper family portrait to hang in the home. This is when Brittani Rose Paper was born. I officially traded in my shears for crafting scissors and began creating custom paper art for clients all over the world.

Since then, my shop has flourished into a full time business and I am beyond thankful for opportunity to create art I love every single day. My work has been featured in publications such as Glamour Magazine and Real Simple, as well as commissioned by celebrities. Thank you for following along on this paper journey with me!

Brittani Rose's Artist Story.