Mother's Day Gift Box Picks

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My duties as a mother has been one of the hardest jobs I've ever taken on. The hours are long, the pay is...well, there is no pay, I have supervised restroom breaks, get purposely farted on (perks to having boys), and am obligated to answer way too many hypothetical questions. With that said, my job as a mother couldn't be more rewarding. I wouldn't trade in a minute of those sleepless nights for all the sleep in the world!

I try to remind myself how quickly the past twelve years have gone by. I can often get so caught up in the work that needs to get done and the mess that needs to be picked up that I forget to stop and take in the joys and memories that each day brings. 

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I thought I would put together a little gift box of things any mom would appreciate and enjoy. A gift that allows her to slow down, relax and pamper herself, as we often times put that last on our list of things to do.

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Mama's! 

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brittaniRose Paper Illustrations

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Lunching on Cloud Nine

Spring time is by far my favorite season to create in. I find so much inspiration in the colors and textures found all around me during this time of year!

When planning our table design I wanted to keep it airy, playful and feminine. I knew I found the piece to work off of the second I laid eyes on these floral dinner plates. Now that I had my inspirational piece it was time to build and create!

Adding in paper elements to my design was of course a no brainer! These scroll like place settings were so simple to make and pulled the look together beautifully. You can learn how to make some of your own here.

Vintage wine glass

I am so in love with the delicate etched details in these wine glasses. They added the perfect touch of charm and femininity. 

The plates pictured were all purchased at Home-goods. These were the plates I originally had in mind as I am a huge fan of Suite One Studio. You can  find them in store and online!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.12.21 AM.png

These glass pillar candle holders added height to the center, keeping that airy theme as the candles floated on top of the table. Grab one or two while they're on sale!!


One of my favorite pieces purchased for my home. I know you'll love it just as much as I do.


Think outside the box!

You don't always have to stick with traditional pieces when creating your table setting. For example, I wanted to pull in more of that feeling of airiness and found just that in this sheer tufted curtain! You read right, a curtain!! It allowed the brightly colored table cloth to shine threw while keeping the look soft.


Weekend Wear

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Weekends are all about relaxing, recharging and getting things done. I have made it an effort to put the scissors down come 4pm Friday and not take work "home" with me. My weekends are filled with getting everything that's been neglected during the week done (like our home), it's not a pretty sight when you have two kids, one husband and two dogs! My Saturday and Sundays are jammed packed with sporting game schedules, meal planning and grocery shopping (add dog bathing to today's list). Since I am on the go and in and out of the house all weekend I want to have the appearance of being put together all while keeping comfortable. I've sourced the internet and put together a few weekend looks that I personally love. 

Which one of these is your favorite?

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Loeffler Randall

Winnie Tassel Slippers

The perfect weekend slip on. These little beauties have been on my wish list for sometime now. I just love the look of the silky pink tassels against the metallic leather.


Loeffler Randall

Crossbody Pouch

This bag is just so fun and can be paired with anything. The texture that the embroidered flowers give this bag is what caught my eye the first time I saw it. Not to mention its perfect tiny size. How many of you are like me and lug around a bag that's equal to your weight? 

weekend essentialspurse.jpg

Karen Walker

Super Lunar in Rose Pink

A pair of Karen Walker sunglasses are a must have for daily survival in my book. I can't drive, see or function outdoors if I don't have a good pair of sunnies shielding my eyes. I am such a fan of her styles and love the pink frames even more! They also come in black for those of you who aren't huge fans of pink. 



Chanel N°5

A spritz of my favorite perfume always makes me feel put together, even if Im decked out in workout clothes.




A little business in the front and a whole lot of party in the back! I don't believe an outfit is complete unless you have at least one piece of jewelry on. 

comfortable weekend picks by Brittani Rose
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Tips on Framing Your Art

Your special piece has arrived and now it is time to find the perfect frame!

I often get asked the question, "What type of frame should I buy?" Your custom piece should only be framed in a shadow box style frame. This will protect the piece from getting smashed and from harmful contaminants that float around in our environment.

You can find shadow box frames at any craft store or framing shop. Depending on how dimensional you portrait is, you'll want to find a frame depth of 1" - 4". Another great option would be to find a large keepsake box that you love. I have seen several frame style keepsake boxes at my local Homegoods store. I love this option as they are usually lined with fabric, giving your piece a touch of added texture.  

If you are looking for ultimate protection I recommend upgrading the glass in your frame to a Conservation Clear glass. This is the best way to go as it offers the highest level of UV protection. Over time, exposure to indoor and outdoor UV light rays will contribute to fading and deterioration. Conservation Clear glass effectively blocks up to 99% of UV light rays to protect against fading and helps keep your art pieces brighter, longer. 

Custom frame
your special piece. 


Floating your portrait is a beautiful way to display your priceless piece. This method is the perfect alternative to the traditional matted frames you are most likely familiar with. It will make the artwork appear as if it is floating, giving it an added visual detail. 

If a scenic background has been added to your custom portrait I can't recommend this method of framing more!


Get creative!

Choose a beautiful acid-free paper to place beneath your art piece. Simply cut the paper to fit the chosen frame and mount the custom portrait on top with framers tape.


When adding matting to your piece, I highly suggest keeping the thought of less is more in the forefront. Stick with whites and creams to keep visual attention on your one-of-a-kind piece. To preserve it overtime, make sure all matting materials are acid-free. 

Framing to the edge

This option is exactly as stated keeping all eyes on the art. Simply find a frame that fits your portrait dimensions and hang!


DIY Paper Name Place Cards for Your Next Gathering

I have always enjoyed entertaining in my home and love searching thru Pinterest beforehand to help inspire new ideas for beautiful and unique entertaining. It could be a simple girls night in with wine and sweet treats, a fun party bash for my boys, or an intimate dinner get together. A succesful gathering is all in the details!

Today I wanted to share a DIY that will surly make your guests feel extra special. I know I always appreciate those handmade touches. There is something so charming and inviting when you add in those personal touches. With Easter less than a week away I thought it would be fun to take my paper craft to the table with these personalized scroll place cards! 


What you'll need:

- Watercolor paper
- Watercolor colors of choice
- Small bowl of water
- Paint brush
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Glue
- Alphabet stencil
- Xacto knife
- Pencil



1. Choose the watercolor colors of your choice and paint away! I created an ombre effect to give the cards a more textured look.

2. While you wait for your watercolor sheet to dry use the lettered stencil to letter each name onto a blank sheet of watercolor paper. Make sure to space each name about 1.5" apart.

3. Carefully cut each name out using an xacto knife. You can also try alphabet stamps and stickers to create the names if cutting isn't your thing!  

4. Tear your name card strips by placing the ruler just above the letter and pulling the paper along the rulers edge towards you. 

5. Once your watercolor sheet has dried cut strips to fit evenly behind the cut out name and glue to back.

6. Take a pencil and curl one side under and the other edge over (as shown above).


Transforming into Paper

Product Illustration

I love every part of making my paper creations look and feel like the real thing! I thought I would share with you a comparison photo of a fashion illustration I currently worked on. There is just so much to love about Bloomingdales displays. This is hands down one of my favorite illustrations to date. 

Paper illustration

Paper illustration

bloomingdale's inspirational post

bloomingdale's inspirational post