DIY Paper Name Place Cards for Your Next Gathering

I have always enjoyed entertaining in my home and love searching thru Pinterest beforehand to help inspire new ideas for beautiful and unique entertaining. It could be a simple girls night in with wine and sweet treats, a fun party bash for my boys, or an intimate dinner get together. A succesful gathering is all in the details!

Today I wanted to share a DIY that will surly make your guests feel extra special. I know I always appreciate those handmade touches. There is something so charming and inviting when you add in those personal touches. With Easter less than a week away I thought it would be fun to take my paper craft to the table with these personalized scroll place cards! 


What you'll need:

- Watercolor paper
- Watercolor colors of choice
- Small bowl of water
- Paint brush
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Glue
- Alphabet stencil
- Xacto knife
- Pencil



1. Choose the watercolor colors of your choice and paint away! I created an ombre effect to give the cards a more textured look.

2. While you wait for your watercolor sheet to dry use the lettered stencil to letter each name onto a blank sheet of watercolor paper. Make sure to space each name about 1.5" apart.

3. Carefully cut each name out using an xacto knife. You can also try alphabet stamps and stickers to create the names if cutting isn't your thing!  

4. Tear your name card strips by placing the ruler just above the letter and pulling the paper along the rulers edge towards you. 

5. Once your watercolor sheet has dried cut strips to fit evenly behind the cut out name and glue to back.

6. Take a pencil and curl one side under and the other edge over (as shown above).