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My duties as a mother has been one of the hardest jobs I've ever taken on. The hours are long, the pay is...well, there is no pay, I have supervised restroom breaks, get purposely farted on (perks to having boys), and am obligated to answer way too many hypothetical questions. With that said, my job as a mother couldn't be more rewarding. I wouldn't trade in a minute of those sleepless nights for all the sleep in the world!

I try to remind myself how quickly the past twelve years have gone by. I can often get so caught up in the work that needs to get done and the mess that needs to be picked up that I forget to stop and take in the joys and memories that each day brings. 

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I thought I would put together a little gift box of things any mom would appreciate and enjoy. A gift that allows her to slow down, relax and pamper herself, as we often times put that last on our list of things to do.

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Mama's! 

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