Steps for creating your custom portrait.

Each portrait is custom-made to your specifications based on photos you provide. Customize your portrait by adding in a variety of fun details such as pets, border embellishments, detailed backgrounds and more. You can view all the add on details here


Create & Customize 

First, select the portrait type HERE. This is where you will have the opportunity to design and customize each and every detail to create a truly unique piece of art.

Each base portrait includes a paper person figure or figures which are positioned nicely on an 9" x 12" soft white backdrop. 

Looking to personalize your portrait even more? Think about what makes you, YOU or what makes Mark, MARK! 

You can ADD a variety of fun details such as pets, detailed backgrounds of a favorite or memorable location, formal attire, and more. Don't forget to include those items that you can't go through life without! The characterization would not be complete without that camera around your neck or that beautiful bag draped from your shoulder.

The possibilities are endless and truly unique to each and every individual!